What can I say about myself… I like pie & ninja’s. There you have it Karen is a pie eatin’ ninja lover. I also wear chicken hats.  That ‘s really all you wanted to know. Right?!

Okay, there is a little more to me than that, which brings me here to the “Fat Be Gone” blog.

So, let’s start again… My name is Karen. I’m 37 years old and in my professional life I’m a children’s librarian.   On my own time I’m a voracious reader (3-4 books a week), a wannabe artist/crafter, a competitive freak at my weekly game night and I’ve been  sprinkling the suffix “licious” into my vocabulary way before anyone else was doing it.  I’m also, wait for it… wait for it… FAT! –but frankly that is the least interesting thing about me!

I’ve been overweight my whole life and I’m ready for that to end. Several years ago I participated in a few weight-loss competitions at the local gym. Teresa had been doing them and  completely inspired me. Over the course of 3 years I participated in 3 weight-loss challenges and lost 70 pounds. 70 pounds!!!! Not only that, but I felt great too! I had tons of energy, I was enjoying activities like hiking & jogging andwas  generally being an active, healthy, happy adult.

It was awesome.

However, I hadn’t really dealt with the bigger issues that have kept me obese for 30 years. Namely my use of food as a coping mechanism. So, when I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago I turned to pizza to get me through the sadness & fear. I have gained 70 pounds.

Crap 😦

Now, I’m right back where I started but this time, I’m going to deal with the internal issues as well. I’m planning a better, more well-rounded approach. This blog, the “Fat Be Gone Girls”, calorie counting & exercise will only be part of the equation. I’m also going to tap into my spiritual side and will strengthen my muscles along with my relationship with the Savior.

So here are the goals I want to accomplish in the next year:

  • run a 5 k
  • swim a mile in 30 minutes
  • complete the CVSS sprint triathlon
  • complete the swim leg of the Bear Lake Classic triathlon
  • Run the Logan to Park City RAGNAR
  • and the spiritual stuff but that is hard to define in words

Here I go!!!

p.s. I love Teresa’s plan to keep an ongoing record of her weigh-in. I’m totally stealing her idea and making it my own. Bwahahaha!




  1. You are beautiful! Love your goals and the chicken hat WOO HOO your on your way!

    • Thanks! The chicken hat has become my signature look 😉

  2. Friend! So so proud of you (still!) and finding my place smack in the middle of your cheering section! You are an amazing and inspiring person. Following your lead and setting some good health and spiritual de-cluttering goals right along with you! UR are my superhero! I’m sending good vibes and positive energy your way!

    • Thank you! I need the vibes & energy. It’s great to have you cheering me on 🙂

  3. You are going to do the triathlon with me? Yeah!!! We need to start swimming again.

    You are awesome and inspiring by the way!

    • You are awesome & inspiring too! I miss swimming. We need to get on that right away because, yes, I want to do the triathlon with you next year!!!

  4. I love this blog you guys! I will be checking it often.

    • Thanks Josh!!! The whole “post our weekly scale pictures” was completely inspired by you. Consider it an homage to you and your awesatude!

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