Posted by: fatbegonegirls | March 8, 2011

Bit by Bit

I have to be honest.  The past several months years have been frustrating for me on the weight loss, fitness, health arena.  Two years ago this past November I was at my lowest weight (247) in more than a decade.  I was working out two times per day and feeling pretty good about the food I was eating and where I was headed.  Then the floor fell out from beneath me.  I got a cold that lasted weeks (literally).  I didn’t feel well which led to a complete cessation of exercise (my first mistake) and comfort eating (my second mistake).

Since then I’ve tried several times to get back to where I was before.  It has been frustrating.  But I’ve had a breakthrough of sorts recently.  I was trying to get back to that place by trying to be perfect at everything/do everything all at once.  I’m realizing that I need to one thing at a time.  It is ok to ease back into things.

And…..I am happy to report that baby step number 1: Sleep, is improving by leaps and bounds.  I have moved into the guest room which provides a firmer mattress AND a darker room.  I didn’t bring along any distractions–like my radio or books.  When I go in there it is for one reason–to sleep.  I’ve been playing with the dosage for the sleep aids the Dr. prescribed and seem to have hit the sweet spot–able to fall asleep relatively quickly but not waking up groggy.  Last night I slept 6.5 hours with my c-pap on and without any disruptions that I can remember.  If I can continue to do that for the next several week, I’ll be well on my way to feeling better and being able to put more energy into working out.  YAY!

So my main focus for the remainder of the week will be getting sufficient restful sleep.  I’m eating better than normal.  And, if I can work in a couple of evening of moderate exercise I will be elated!  WAAAAHOOOO!



  1. I love changing one thing at a time and getting it to work before moving on to the next thing! I’m so glad you’re finally sleeping well… I seem to be too, although I still get up a few times a night to go to the bathroom.

    You’re doing great!

    • Thanks, Hanlie! I appreciate your support! I’m still mulling over your most recent post about the power of No. Powerful stuff and something that I definitely need to make some changes on.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better and sleeping better. At our house, DH is getting used to his C-PAP too. He could commiserate with you!

    • Ah, Rose. I didn’t know. We will have to compare notes and share tips sometime. I’m sorry DH is having to deal with that!

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