Posted by: fatbegonegirls | February 2, 2011

A is for Anxiety

Did anyone guess that A would be for Anxiety?  Hmmm…   It was in a pretty stiff competition with Accountability and Attitude, but for some reason I felt that Anxiety is what I need to talk about tonight.

Hi.  I’m Teresa and I’m a Nervous Nellie.  Yes, sometimes I feel like I need a support group for this particular neurosis.  I’m not anxious all the time.  However, it frequently sneaks up on me when I’m not paying attention and before I know it everything I do is overshadowed by that nail-biting nincompoop.

You may be wondering how anxiety fits into the ABC’s of my health and fitness.  Well, let me tell you. When I’m anxious I eat.  Even when I’m not hungry.  Even if I just ate two minutes ago.  And….the less healthy, the better it seems to sooth my nerves.  Why is that?

One of the difficult things about treating my anxiety with food is that I’m almost oblivious to the fact that I’m doing it.  I have to be very deliberate about the food I have available or I just go nuts.

I know that I could find much better ways to cope with anxiety.  Meditation.  Exercise.  Talking to someone about what is causing me worry.  The goal for the next few weeks is to recognize when I’m being driven to food by nerves and identify an alternative way to deal with the anxiety–preferably one that will further my health and fitness goals rather than detract from it.

Do any of you deal with anxiety?

What are your coping methods?



  1. I call and complain to Karen! Although, when she is stuck in story time, I have been known to “leave it all on the treadmill.” It really works, although it’s difficult to propel my butt to the gym. I’m ALWAYS glad when I handle it this way.

    • I know Chelle! What would we do without our Karen? I like the idea of “leaving it on the treadmill.” That is a very visual thing and I think actually visualizing it hanging on the treadmill as I walk away will be very effective. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Anxiety was never really an huge issue for me until I got sick. I will probably never forget that feeling of not being able to breathe that punctuated the whole month of December for me. Now I recognize that I’d been suffering from this for a while, but I was so out of touch with my body that I hadn’t even realized it. And yes, it prompted me to eat.

    The professor who is treating me for adrenal exhaustion prescribed a natural anti-anxiety supplement which may just be available over there as well. It’s called Serenagen by Metagenix and it’s way, way better than Rescue Remedy. I only had to use it a few times, but it really helped.

    I started therapy with a NLP coach this week and when I got very upsetting news last night, I was able to get out of my anxious state and access a calmer state through NLP techniques. The beauty of this technique is that it lasts. The situation has not changed, but I am quite detached from it, which is good.

    Good luck in dealing with this!

    • Such good insight Hanlie. I have to say that I’ve been reading about your situation on your blog and have been so concerned. I’m happy to see that you are able to get things moving in such a positive way. Thanks for your support!

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