Posted by: fatbegonegirls | February 1, 2011

The A.B.C.’s of February

Blogging.   It’s a strange beast.  Some weeks I feel like posting every single thought that runs through my cluttered brain.  Other weeks the last thing I want to do is let the rest of the world in to my struggle.  Sometimes I wonder why I do this.  It’s definitely not because I think I have a wealth of knowledge about health and weight loss to share with the world.  If that were the case, I would be healthy and weigh less. 🙂  It’s not because I need validation, although that is a nice side perk on occasion.

When it comes right down to it, I write here for accountability.  My posts have been hit-and-miss lately, and quite honestly a lot more negative than I’d like.  So, in an attempt to get myself to post more regularly, and therefore be more accountable for what I am doing day-to-day, I will be posting the ABC’s of February (as in A is for Apple, B is for Boy, etc.).

February and it’s 28 days lends itself well to a countdown like this.  Day 1–introduction.  Day 2-27–each letter of the alphabet.  Day 28–summary, conclusion, and what not.

So, don’t get too excited, but there will be a little something from me posted every day for the next month.

🙂   Can anyone guess what A is for??????   🙂


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