Posted by: fatbegonegirls | January 26, 2011

Time To Clean House

My friend Brandy (Hi Brandy) posted the following as her facebook status the other day:

“The place.. for what you want the most… is already filled… with what you’re settling for…”

My thoughts have returned to this statement several times since she posted it.

Am I missing out on what I want most because I’ve already filled it with what I’m settling for?

What am I willing to give up in order to have the life I really deserve?

Hmmmm…….. definitely some delicious food for thought.

Any thoughts or fabulous insights to share?

*Note:  I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “deserve” lately and how I’ve subconsciously used that to sabotage myself and bring some of the negative thoughts I have about myself into my reality.  I’ll be writing on that later in the week.  Give it some thought.


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