Posted by: fatbegonegirls | October 27, 2010


I’m so sorry for not having posted my weigh in last week.  I still haven’t purchased a scale (I know—shame, shame!).  It is on the schedule for this evening, so hopefully I will have a picture for tomorrow morning—albeit a day late.  My weigh in at the gym last week went well.  The previous week I had gained a pound bringing me to a total loss at the end of week two of 7 pounds (331.8 to 324.8).  Last Friday I had a good weigh in with a 5.8 pound loss (324.8 to 319).   WAHOO!  It seems from my experience with trying to lose weight in the past that I frequently will have a really good week, followed by a not so good week, etc.  This doesn’t bother me too much because when you look at a month as a whole, it is right where I expect it to be.  I’m hopeful that this Friday’s weigh in will be another good one, so (fingers crossed) maybe I will break out of my normal pattern.

In our workout on Monday, we were working our abs hard (and I mean hard, because I can still feel the soreness and it is Wednesday) while sitting in a circle and passing a big ball around (Russian twist style).  While we were in possession of the ball we had to say one success for the week.  I have to admit, it is so much easier for me to come up with failures than successes.  In that moment I could have thought of about 17 things I could flog myself with but had a hard time thinking of one success.  I finally settled on the fact that I did have most of my meals for the week prepped—which is a huge thing for me.  Part of the reason why I’ve fallen into relying on fast food so much is because it is convenient.  I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to overschedule every part of my day.  I can look back in my life and see the points at which my habits with regard to food have morphed from something good and healthy into the not so healthy.  I’ll expound on this in a future post.  It has been eye opening to timeline this against some of the other things in my life and see how they all worked together to bring me to where I am now.

But for today’s post, I want to focus on some of my other successes, now that I’ve had a few days to push the negative thoughts to the back.

  • Meal prep—has been better and I’m hopeful that next week will be closer to spot-on.
  • I’m starting to see some subtle changes in my physical appearance—probably things that no one else would notice yet, but I do:

o   My face looks thinner—less puffy around the eyes and bridge of my nose

o   My pants are starting to hang a bit differently—not a huge change, but enough to be exciting.

  • I’m feeling stronger (flexes my muscles)
  • My cravings have changed.  And I mean completely changed.  There was a reason for the weight gain in week 2—Snickers Bars.  I was a mad woman for sweets and all things junk-a-licious that week.  Never before have I let myself succumb to eating Twinkies and Susie-Q’s during a weight loss competition before.  For some reason the cravings were off the hook that week.   But things have evened out.  This week I find myself craving pomegranate, pears, baked yams, and spaghetti squash.  Such a welcome surprise.
  • Although I’m still struggling with getting enough sleep, I am doing better, and that is success!
  • Overall, I feel happier

So, there you have it.  Maybe not 17 things to brag about, but a few.  Overall, I think things are going swimmingly!




  1. want my scale? If only you lived close…it would sooo be yours.

    • I wish! 🙂

  2. WOO WOO! Good job. You’re doing fantastically!

    • Thanks friend! 🙂

  3. Teresa, you continue to inspire and motivate me and I thank you. Way to go! Keep up the good work!

    • WordPress just told me I was posting comments to fast. It told me to “slow down.” Wierd.

      Thanks Margie. I hope to talk to you soon. This phone tag is nuts. Thank heavens for texting! 🙂

  4. You are such an awesome chick!! I’m SOOOOO very proud of you. Keep up the great work (and I do know it is work) and positive attitude. Love you!!

  5. Way to go, Teresa…keep it up! 🙂

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