Posted by: fatbegonegirls | October 14, 2010

Beware! Beached Whale Ahead!


My Adventures In A  Bathing Suit Surrounded By Hot, Young College Boys.

So yeah… I like to swim. If you had asked me 2 years ago if I thought lap swimming would become my go to source of cardio?! I would have laughed hysterically until I blacked out or peed my pants. Yes, I can swim but how boring to swim back & forth, back & forth in a pool. Yuk!

I’m singing a new tune now.

Last spring my good friend, Sarah, invited me to go to the university pool in the wee hours of the morning to swim. As I was needing a reason to get up and move my bod I agreed to try it out. Guess what… I LOVE IT!!!

The pool was light & clean. The temperature was perfectly brisk and they supplied all the necessary equipment like kick-boards, pool buoys and… swim fins!!!

I had never used fins before. I kinda thought they looked dorky and frankly, they are! But boy, oh boy have they improved my swimming experience!

I have inherited my Grandma Bowling’s buoyancy. I can seriously just bob in the water without moving a finger. So in the pool all my power to move forward has come from my arms. I don’t need to kick my legs to stay afloat and when I do kick… nothing happens.

While participating in past Ultimate Loser contests we would occasionally have pool workouts. Every time we were asked to use the kick boards, I would kick my guts out and not move at all. In fact, on occasion, I would find myself moving backward. Several individuals tried to help me to no avail. I have a craptacular kick!

But with swim fins… my kick rocks. It also gives my legs/thighs a seriously good workout. I can really get my heart rate going and the fins are helping me concentrate on improving my kick so I don’t always need the fins. I think about my form while I’m swimming. Nothing boring about that 😉

I ended up purchasing a pair of fins. They are beauties (I’ll post a picture of my adorable flippered feet soon).

So now I enthusiastically and confidently walk my 300+ pound, bathing suit clad body to the edge of the pool, stuff my hair in a bright blue swim cap, adjust my goggles and swim laps!

It is great!



  1. Go for it! I wish I had your good attitude. And seriously—young college boys are so self absorbed they probably don’t even see you.

  2. YAY! It’s so important to find something that we love doing to keep active. I’m glad you found swimming–and flippers! Woot!

  3. Swim like the wind! Oh, I guess that doesn’t really translate. I am so glad you found something you love.

  4. Thanks for loving swimming! It is so nice to have a swimming buddy!

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