Posted by: fatbegonegirls | September 14, 2010

Rocky Start….

Well, this week hasn’t gone as planned.   But then, most weeks don’t.  Still, I am optimistic.   As you can see, I have gained the pound Karen lost.  However, it’s early.  We will surprise you. 

The downfall was not carrying out the plan to begin exercising and eating better, meaning packing a healthy lunch and not eating anything for two hours before going to sleep at night.  Also, drinking more water.  I did none of those things this week.  So, it’s a fresh start….better eating, beginning to move more, and drinking water.  That’s the plan.



  1. Here’s to fresh starts and not flogging ourselves for not being perfect. You’ll do great this week, Margie my friend!

  2. How did your week go, Margie?

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